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The path to becoming a writer is not always straightforward. Having studied Medieval History at University, I worked as a journalist and lawyer before illness altered my destiny, offering unexpected opportunities.

I changed course and became a writer. My first book The Devil Dancers has had glowing reviews from countries as far flung as the USA, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka and the UK. My second book Barley Bread and Cheese, is a collection of short stories inspired by the beautiful cathedral at Rochester, beloved of Dickens.

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   First and foremost, I am a writer of historical fiction. Through story-telling, I like to explore unusual angles of history.

   The violent riots of 1950s Ceylon inspired The Devil Dancers while an ancient ordeal provided both the title and a story for Barley Bread and Cheese.

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   I was a journalist for ten years, and until recently, wrote occasional articles for Kent Life magazine. One of my favourite subjects was the mysterious Richard Plantagenet who claimed to be the illegitimate son of King Richard III.

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  The Green Man, Kent’s Illustrious Exiles and Venetian Shroud Eaters!

  I use my blog to explore ideas and share some of the research from my books. Oh yes! I nearly forgot. There are tips for writers, too.

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